ViKEN is the Viking Energy Connection.

ViKEN is a company formed from years of in-depth project experience in nuclear and bioenergy combined with the emotional need to lead the worldwide effort to curb climate change.

The years of experience have resulted in numerous connections with like-minded people and companies who together form the Sustainable Viking Energy Network - connecting people throughout the world to combat climate change.

ViKEN is backed by the best.

ViKEN CEO Scott “Sven” Swenson is the Senior Vice President of Technical Services and Chief of Staff for Delta Energy Services, LLC, which is recognized as a Top Ten Biomass Service Provider for 2022.  As such, ViKEN enjoys unlimited support from Delta and access to the full network of Delta Affiliates and business contacts.

Project Development.

We have established relationships with multiple sustainable technology providers to allow us to work closely with our clients and choose the best technology for their specific situation.

ViKEN’s worldwide contacts and support network allow for project development wherever there are projects to develop.

ViKEN also has contacts in the financial world who are sympathetic to the plight of our changing world, and are willing to back the right projects to combat climate change with little fuss  - much simpler than typical bank financing.

Changing the face of Aviation.

ViKEN has been contracted by Hughes Energy Group to develop the  proprietary Wilson System technology for use in the International Aviation industry.  Aviation currently destroys ~ $2-3 Billion of international catering waste annually, and the Wilson System technology will permit reentry of this material into the circular economy in place of the deep landfill burying or incineration currently employed.

ViKEN - positive steps towards a positive future.

Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss a new project or performance issue at your facility.

ViKEN. Sustainability.

You can find us on LinkedIn, and we’re working on our presence in other social media formats.

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