The ViKEN story

Is climate important to you?

Our world is the one thing we will undoubtedly pass down from generation to generation. The real question is, “What condition will the world be in several generations down the line?”

So climate matters to ViKEN.

ViKEN’s mission is to ensure our future generations will be able to enjoy a more stable, sustainable world than we have created to this point. Tick Tock!

We’re backed by the best.

Our Recruiting and Back-Office support are provided by Delta Energy Services, LLC, which is recognized as a top biomass service provider.

Our business model makes us unique.

ViKEN is a company founded by purpose - to make a lasting and positive impact on the global climate, energy, and food crises. Our backing by the award winning technical staffing firm Delta Energy Services, LLC provides ViKEN the unique ability to tailor all of our projects with the right handpicked personnel for each specific project.

Support of biomass development.

ViKEN has strategic international alliances with financing, engineering, and construction firms which allow us to support development from inception to commercial operation and beyond, anywhere in the world.

Changing the face of aviation - and beyond.

ViKEN’s unique alliance with Hughes Energy Group to develop their landfill diversion technology for use on international catering waste is a game changer in the world of aviation.

ViKEN also supports the Hughes Energy Group landfill installations, and is actively searching for development partners and opportunities to use this amazing technology.

The Founder.

Scott “Sven” Swenson is a Professional Mechanical Engineer who attended Nuclear Power School early in his career while working for the Navy. He quickly became a clean energy advocate, recognizing the current state of world-wide energy requires multiple avenues of interim energy sources until we as a culture have matured truly clean energy technology, such as fusion. Until then, we must use available technology to wean the world away from the dirtiest energies and create a circular, sustainable network of intertwined technologies working together to ever improve our global situation.

Sven has an accomplished career in nuclear energy from both client and vendor perspectives, including hundreds of millions of dollars of projects completed under his watch. Sven adjusted his primary focus to biomass in 2018 while supporting Houldson Consulting. He continues to advocate for biomass and projects which can contribute to addressing the current climate crisis.

The Front Line of Biomass Staffing.

Greg Houldson is the founder of Houldson Consulting, Incorporated, which has been the focal point of Delta’s biomass staffing since 2018. Delta-supplied personnel have been instrumental in successfully completing dozens of small to large projects in the biomass industry as Owner’s Representatives.

The Man Behind the Curtain.

Charlie Boyce is the CEO and Managing Partner of Delta Energy Services, LLC. Delta has been supporting clean energy efforts via nuclear energy since 1988, with a strategic pivot to include biomass in 2018.

Delta’s award winning business model supports independent contractors and companies in the energy industry, providing recruiting and back-office support for Delta Affiliate companies such as ViKEN and HCI.

Delta enjoys a strong presence in Nuclear and Biomass, and is continuously networking to create new strategic alliances and teaming arrangements to support the energy industry.

Delta is also continuously searching for enthusiastic entrepreneurs to join their team of Affiliates. Contact Sven for details.

ViKEN. Sustainability.

You can find us on LinkedIn, and we’re working on our presence in other social media formats.

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